Waterway Systems
Great Lakes - Saint Lawrence Seaway
Port Map

The ports and harbors situated on the Great Lakes - Saint Lawrence Seaway are displayed on the map below. Ports are grouped and color coded by waterway.

Use the Port Index link on the left side menu to view an alphabetical list, by country, of the ports on the Great Lakes - Saint Lawrence Seaway.

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The table below is a list of the ports displayed on the Great Lakes - Saint Lawrence Seaway map. Ports are grouped and color coded by waterway.

* indicates the port has a World Port Source review.

Waterway Sequence Port Location Port Name
Saint Lawrence River   1   Havre St Pierre   Port of Havre St Pierre
Saint Lawrence River   2   Mont Louis   Mont Louis Harbor
Saint Lawrence River   3   Sept-Iles   Port of Sept-Iles
Saint Lawrence River   4   Port Cartier   Port of Port Cartier
Saint Lawrence River   5   Sainte-Anne-des-Monts   Sainte-Anne-des-Monts Harbor
Saint Lawrence River   6   Les Mechins   Les Mechins Harbor
Saint Lawrence River   7   Godbout   Port of Godbout
Saint Lawrence River   8   Matane   Matane Harbor
Saint Lawrence River   9   Baie-Comeau   Port of Baie-Comeau
Saint Lawrence River   10   Rimouski   Rimouski Harbor
Saint Lawrence River   11   Forestville   Forestville Harbor
Saint Lawrence River   12   Les Escoumins   Les Escoumins Harbor
Saint Lawrence River   13   Tadoussac   Tadoussac Harbor
Saint Lawrence River   14   Gros Cacouna   Gros Cacouna Harbor
Saint Lawrence River   15   Riviere du Loup   Riviere du Loup Harbor
Saint Lawrence River   16   Pointe-au-Pic   Pointe-au-Pic Harbor
Saint Lawrence River   17   Quebec   Port of Quebec *
Saint Lawrence River   18   St. Romuald   St. Romuald Harbor
Saint Lawrence River   19   Portneuf   Portneuf Harbor
Saint Lawrence River   20   Becancour   Port of Becancour *
Saint Lawrence River   21   Trois Rivieres   Port of Trois-Rivieres
Saint Lawrence River   22   Sorel   Port of Sorel
Saint Lawrence River   23   Contrecoeur   Contrecoeur Harbor
Saint Lawrence River   24   Montreal   Port of Montreal *
Saint Lawrence River   25   Valleyfield   Port of Valleyfield
Saint Lawrence River   26   Cornwall   Port of Cornwall
Saint Lawrence River   27   Cardinal   Port of Cardinal
Saint Lawrence River   28   Prescott   Port of Prescott
Saint Lawrence River   29   Ogdensburg   Port of Ogdensburg *
Saint Lawrence River   30   Brockville   Brockville Harbour
Saint Lawrence River   31   Alexandria Bay   Port of Alexandria Bay
Saint Lawrence River   32   Clayton   Port of Clayton *
Saint Lawrence River   33   Cape Vincent   Port of Cape Vincent *
Saint Lawrence River   34   Marysville   Marysville Harbor
Saint Lawrence River   35   Kingston   Kingston Harbor
Saguenay River   1   Tadoussac   Tadoussac Harbor
Saguenay River   2   La Baie   La Baie Harbor
Saguenay River   3   Saguenay   Port of Saguenay
Saguenay River   4   Chicoutimi   Port of Chicoutimi
Lake Ontario   1   Cape Vincent   Port of Cape Vincent *
Lake Ontario   2   Marysville   Marysville Harbor
Lake Ontario   3   Kingston   Kingston Harbor
Lake Ontario   4   Port Hope   Port Hope Harbour
Lake Ontario   5   Oshawa   Port of Oshawa
Lake Ontario   6   Toronto   Port of Toronto *
Lake Ontario   7   Port Credit   Port Credit
Lake Ontario   8   Clarkson   Port of Clarkson
Lake Ontario   9   Oakville   Oakville Harbor
Lake Ontario   10   Bronte   Bronte Harbor
Lake Ontario   11   Hamilton   Hamilton Port *
Lake Ontario   12   Port Dalhousie   Port Dalhousie
Lake Ontario   13   St. Catharines   Port of St. Catharines
Lake Ontario   14   Port Weller   Port Weller
Lake Ontario   15   Rochester   Port of Rochester *
Lake Ontario   16   Sodus Point   Sodus Point Harbor *
Lake Ontario   17   Oswego   Port of Oswego *
Welland Canal   1   Port Weller   Port Weller
Welland Canal   2   Thorold   Port of Thorold
Welland Canal   3   Welland   Port of Welland
Welland Canal   4   Port Colborne   Port Colborne
Lake Erie   1   Buffalo   Port of Buffalo *
Lake Erie   2   Port Colborne   Port Colborne
Lake Erie   3   Port Stanley   Port Stanley
Lake Erie   4   Kingsville   Port of Kingsville
Lake Erie   5   Amherstburg   Port of Amherstburg
Lake Erie   6   Monroe   Port of Monroe
Lake Erie   7   Toledo   Port of Toledo *
Lake Erie   8   Sandusky   Port of Sandusky *
Lake Erie   9   Huron   Port of Huron *
Lake Erie   10   Lorain   Port of Lorain *
Lake Erie   11   Cleveland   Port of Cleveland *
Lake Erie   12   Fairport Harbor   Fairport Harbor *
Lake Erie   13   Ashtabula   Port of Ashtabula *
Lake Erie   14   Conneaut   Port of Conneaut *
Lake Erie   15   Erie   Port of Erie *
Detroit River   1   Amherstburg   Port of Amherstburg
Detroit River   2   Wyandotte   Wyandotte Harbor *
Detroit River   3   Detroit   Detroit/Wayne County Port Authority *
Detroit River   4   Windsor   Port Windsor
St. Clair River   1   Algonac   Port of Algonac *
St. Clair River   2   Port Huron   Port of Port Huron
St. Clair River   3   Sarnia   Port of Sarnia
Lake Huron   1   Port Huron   Port of Port Huron
Lake Huron   2   Sarnia   Port of Sarnia
Lake Huron   3   Goderich   Port of Goderich
Lake Huron   4   Wiarton   Wiarton Harbor
Lake Huron   5   Owen Sound   Owen Sound Harbor
Lake Huron   6   Collingwood   Port of Collingwood
Lake Huron   7   Penetanguishene   Port of Penetanguishene
Lake Huron   8   Midland   Port of Midland
Lake Huron   9   Parry Sound   Parry Sound Harbour
Lake Huron   10   Spragge   Spragge Harbor
Lake Huron   11   Cheboygan   Port of Cheboygan
Lake Huron   12   Rogers City   Rogers City Marina *
Lake Huron   13   Rogers City   Port of Calcite *
Lake Huron   14   Presque Isle   Presque Isle Harbor *
Lake Huron   15   Alpena   Port of Alpena *
Lake Huron   16   Bay City   Port of Bay City *
Lake Michigan   1   Escanaba   Port of Escanaba
Lake Michigan   2   Menominee   Port of Menominee
Lake Michigan   3   Marinette   Port of Marinette *
Lake Michigan   4   Green Bay   Port of Green Bay
Lake Michigan   5   Manitowoc   Manitowoc Harbor *
Lake Michigan   6   Sheboygan   Harbor Centre Marina *
Lake Michigan   7   Port Washington   Port Washington Marina *
Lake Michigan   8   Milwaukee   Port of Milwaukee *
Lake Michigan   9   Racine   Port of Racine
Lake Michigan   10   Kenosha   Port of Kenosha *
Lake Michigan   11   Waukegan   Port of Waukegan *
Lake Michigan   12   Chicago   DuSable Harbor *
Lake Michigan   13   Calumet   Calumet Harbor *
Lake Michigan   14   Chicago   Port of Chicago *
Lake Michigan   15   East Chicago   Indiana Harbor *
Lake Michigan   16   Gary   Port of Gary *
Lake Michigan   17   Portage   Port of Indiana - Burns Harbor *
Lake Michigan   18   Holland   Holland Harbor *
Lake Michigan   19   Grand Haven   Port of Grand Haven
Lake Michigan   20   Ferrysburg   Port of Ferrysburg
Lake Michigan   21   Muskegon   Muskegon Harbor
Lake Michigan   22   Ludington   Ludington Harbor *
Lake Michigan   23   Manistee   Manistee Harbor *
Lake Michigan   24   Charlevoix   Port of Charlevoix
St. Marys River   1   Saulte Ste Marie   Saulte Ste Marie Harbor
St. Marys River   2   Sault Ste Marie   Port of Sault Ste Marie
Lake Superior   1   Michipicoten   Michipicoten Harbour
Lake Superior   2   Heron Bay   Heron Bay
Lake Superior   3   Marathon   Port of Marathon
Lake Superior   4   Thunder Bay   Thunder Bay Port Authority *
Lake Superior   5   Schroeder   Taconite Harbor *
Lake Superior   6   Duluth   Port of Duluth *
Lake Superior   7   Superior   Port Superior *
Lake Superior   8   Ashland   Ashland Harbor *
Lake Superior   9   Ontonagon   Port of Ontonagon
Lake Superior   10   Marquette   Port of Marquette