Mississippi River
Port Map

The ports and harbors situated on the Mississippi River are shown on the map and port index by country table below. Click on the yellow port icons for more information on that port.

The Mississippi River has 41 ports and harbors. The number in parentheses after the port's location corresponds to the numbered icons on the map.

* indicates the port has a World Port Source review.

United States
Granite City, IL   (33)
Port of Granite City *

Quincy, IL   (36)
Port of Quincy *

Burlington, IA   (38)
Port of Burlington *

Dubuque, IA   (39)
Port of Dubuque

Keokuk, IA   (37)
Port of Keokuk *

Alliance, LA   (4)
Port of Alliance *

Ama, LA   (9)
Port of South Louisiana

Avondale, LA   (8)
Port of Avondale

Baton Rouge, LA   (21)
Port of Greater Baton Rouge *

Bellevue, LA   (3)
Port of Bellevue *

Burnside, LA   (19)
Port of Burnside *

Chalmette, LA   (5)
St. Bernard Port *

Convent, LA   (18)
Port of South Louisiana

Destrehan, LA   (11)
Port of South Louisiana

Garyville, LA   (15)
Port of South Louisiana

Geismar, LA   (20)
Port of Geismar *

Gramercy, LA   (16)
Port of Gramercy *

Gretna, LA   (6)
Port of Gretna *

La Place, LA   (13)
Port of South Louisiana *

New Orleans, LA   (7)
Port of New Orleans *

Norco, LA   (12)
Port of South Louisiana

Ostrica, LA   (1)
Port of Ostrica *

Paulina, LA   (17)
Port of South Louisiana

Plaquemines, LA   (2)
Plaquemines Parish Port, Harbor and Terminal District *

Reserve, LA   (14)
Port of South Louisiana

St Rose, LA   (10)
Port of South Louisiana

Minneapolis, MN   (41)
Port of Minneapolis *

Saint Paul, MN   (40)
Port of Saint Paul *

Claiborne, MS   (23)
Port of Claiborne County

Greenville, MS   (25)
Port of Greenville *

Natchez, MS   (22)
Natchez Adams County Port

Rosedale, MS   (26)
Port of Rosedale

Vicksburg, MS   (24)
Port of Vicksburg *

Caruthersville, MO   (28)
Pemiscot County Port

Dorena, MO   (30)
Port of Mississippi County

Hannibal, MO   (34)
Port of Hannibal

New Madrid, MO   (29)
New Madrid County Port *

Saint Louis, MO   (32)
Port of Metropolitan St. Louis *

Scott City, MO   (31)
Southeast Missouri Regional Port *

West Quincy, MO   (35)
Port of West Quincy

Memphis, TN   (27)
Port of Memphis *