Port of Christiansted
St. Croix

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Hurricane Omar 2008, St. Croix, US Virgin Islands, Christiansted Boardwalk
view - 0:43

This footage was shot Oct 18, 2008 after Hurricane Omar. This is the worst of the storm... unfortunately residents and boaters were caught off gaurd as this storm formed and approached in short order. A depression was travelling east to west south of the VI when it stopped, intensified and began to move northeast directly towards PR and the VI. In 2 days it became a cat 2-3 storm and the eye passed just east of St. Croix's(STX) east end. Fortunately as the storm strengthend it began to accellerate northeast. As it passed STX to the east, it was travelling at 20 mph.... so STX had only about 2 hours of intense winds. A wind reading on the east end of STX showed a peak wind speed of 150mph, and another showed 135 mph. The further east you went, the stronger the wind speed as you were closing to the eyewall.

Boats that were on the waterfront dock areas and moorings were vulnerable, and many sunk or were blown ashore.

Overall, STX did extremely well, and all services are expected to be at 100% within 1 week.

This storm formed quickly and so some people were not able to prepare in time.

C. Hanley, US Virgin Islands
St. Croix
view - 3:25

All scenic pictures of the trip to St. Croix.
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