Nawiliwili Harbor, Kauai
Foreign Trade
Exports from Nawiliwili Harbor, Kauai
Vessel measured by weight (kg)
In 2015, foreign exports from Nawiliwili Harbor, Kauai totaled 1,031,264 kilograms. This was a decrease of 28.55% compared to the prior year.

When measured in kilograms, the top countries receiving goods from Nawiliwili Harbor, Kauai were China, Taiwan, Korea, South, Hong Kong and Japan.

World Total 1,031,264 1,443,317 1,444,413  more
China 660,625 553,063 76,752  more
Taiwan 279,670 101,836 21,972  more
Korea, South 60,572 247,400 584,610  more
Hong Kong 21,237 382,054 418,163  more
Japan 9,160 12,000    more
Vietnam   146,964 342,916  more

Complete import and export trade data is available from the
Foreign Trade Division of the U.S. Census Bureau