Cook Islands
Foreign Trade
USA Exports to Cook Islands
Vessel measured by weight (kg)
Foreign exports from the United States to Cook Islands in 2015 totaled 1,646,800 kilograms, a decrease of 3.52% compared to the previous year

When measured in kilograms, the top ports exporting goods to Cook Islands were Port of Oakland, Port of Long Beach, Port of Los Angeles, Port Everglades and Port Charleston.

* Trade total is only for the USA ports listed here at World Port Source.

Total * 1,646,800 1,706,929 1,513,447  more
Port of Oakland 1,266,963 1,446,126 1,157,929  more
Port of Long Beach 295,200 11,392 118,597  more
Port of Los Angeles 82,806 222,640 222,378  more
Port Everglades 1,266 12,799 1,273  more
Port Charleston 415      more
Port of Miami 150      more
Port of New York   7,990    more
Port of Baltimore   3,606    more
Port of Portland   1,525    more
Port of Norfolk   432 5,933  more
Honolulu Harbor, Oahu   404 2,757  more
Gloucester Marine Terminal   15    more
Port of Savannah     3,980  more
Port of Tacoma     600  more

Complete import and export trade data is available from the
Foreign Trade Division of the U.S. Census Bureau