Can You Name Today's Port of Call?

Each day, World Port Source picks a new Port of Call from among the thousands of ports with spectacular satellite images. See if you can pick today's port of call from the choices listed below this port photo.

To help make your selection, use the slider to zoom out and determine the port's country or continent. The local language may be a clue to the port's name.

Zoom in to view local detail of the port and the surrounding area. In major ports like Sydney you will see local landmarks like the Sydney Opera House. Pan the visible area of the map by dragging the image while holding down the left mouse button.


Which of these ports is Today's Port of Call?

          Puerto de Garrucha
          Port of Newport
          Port of Marans
          Puerot de El Pajaro
          I'm lost at sea finding today's port of call, but will try again tomorrow.