Port of Melville
Review and History

The Port of Melville is a village in the town of Portsmouth, Rhode Island. Located on the eastern shores of Narragansett Bay, the Port of Melville is about 3.5 kilometers (two miles) southwest of Portsmouth. The Port of Melville is about seven nautical miles (12 kilometers or 7.6 miles) north-northeast of the Port of Newport and almost five nautical miles (nine kilometers or six miles) south of the Port of Bristol. The 2010 US Census reported a population of 1,320 in the Port of Melville, down from 2,325 in 2000.

The village of the Port of Melville encompasses port facilities located in Coddington Cove. In 2010, the Port of Melville handled a total of 82.9 thousand kilograms (90 tons) of foreign trade, including 27.7 thousand kilograms (30 tons) of exports and 55.2 thousand kilograms (60 tons) of imports.

The Port of Melville's harbormaster is a police officer from the Town of Portsmouth who is the full-time harbormaster for the Port of Melville from May through September. The Port of Melville harbormaster patrols the waters and enforces state and local laws and regulations. The harbormaster also assigns all moorings in the Port of Melville as well as other Town of Portsmouth areas that include Hog and Prudence Islands. When needed, police from Portsmouth help the harbormaster patrol the waters and ensure boating safety in the Port of Melville.

The East Passage Yachting Center in the Port of Melville contains more than 360 deep-water berths that serve boats from 6.1 to 45.7 meters (20 to 150 feet). The full-service fuel dock in the Port of Melville provides gas, diesel, water, and ice. Slips that are available for both seasonal and transient boaters include fresh water and electric service. The Port of Melville's East Passage Yachting Center also has slips available for summer rental for yachts from 9.1 to 30.5 (30 to 100 feet).

The East Passage Yachting Center in the Port of Melville offers long-term and winter storage. The Port of Melville offers over an acre of inside storage and 14 acres of outside storage in addition to in-water storage. The Yachting Center also offers winterization and re-commission services.

The Port of Melville's East Passage Yachting Center is a family-oriented marina with complete amenities for boaters. The amenities include bathrooms and showers, a swimming pool, a picnic area, a volleyball court, and laundry facilities.

The village of the Port of Melville covers two over five square kilometers (2.09 square miles) of land and 7.5 kilometers (almost 3 square miles) of water area. While the population has decreased by more than 43 percent since 2000, the median household income has increased by 35 percent over the same period.

The Port of Melville has a humid continental climate with warm humid summers and sometimes severely cold winters. Temperatures in the Port of Melville range from an average high of about 22°C (72°F) in July and August to an average low of -1°C (30°F) in January and February. Precipitation in the Port of Melville is greatest in March (11.4 centimeters or 4.5 inches) and lowest in July (7.6 centimeters or three inches). Humidity levels range from about 82% in September to around 70% from February through March. Snow comes to the Port of Melville from late October until late April, peaking at about 25 centimeters (10 inches) in January and February.

The Town of Portsmouth owns the Port of Melville Ponds Campground, a 150-acre tract of coastal woodland with brooks, ponds, and wetlands habitats. The campground contains hiking trails, freshwater fishing in the ponds, and large wooded sites for tents and recreational vehicles. The campground is also near area beaches, and it offers a playground and picnic area.

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