Port of Geismar
Review and History

The Port of Geismar is about 45 river miles downstream (33 kilometers or 20 miles southeast by air) of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It is part of the Mississippi River System. The Port of Geismar is an unincorporated area in Ascension Parish.

The port authority for the Port of Geismar is the Greater Baton Rouge Port Commission. The Commission was created by the Louisiana Legislature in 1952. The 15-member political subdivision of the State of Louisiana is charged with determining policy and overseeing the development of the ports within its prevue.

The wharves and docks at the Port of Geismar are privately-owned largely by companies moving chemicals, petroleum, and petroleum products. Where docks are served by rail, they connect with the Canadian National Railway.

Barber Brothers Contracting Company owns and operates the Waterloo Facility Dock in the Port of Geismar to receive construction aggregates by barge.

BASF Corporation owns the Port of Geismar Wharf, which is operated by the company's Chemicals Division, Vulcan Materials Company, and Borden Chemical Inc. This Port of Geismar wharf is used to ship chemicals and petrochemicals.

Borden Chemical Inc. (now owned by Momentive Specialty Chemicals) owns and operates the Port of Geismar Industrial Complex Wharf to receive ethylene dichloride and methanol and to occasional ship methanol.

ElPaso Field Services uses the Port of Geismar Riverside Plant Wharf to ship petroleum products, including propane and natural gas.

Fred Parks owns the Landing Wharf and Fleet in the Port of Geismar to moor barges for repairs and fleeting and to land towboats.

General Electric Company owns, and Williams and PCS Nitrogen operates the Port of Geismar Wharf to ship and receive a variety of chemicals including ammonia, sulfuric acid, and liquid fertilizers.

OSCA Inc. owns and operates the Calcium Chloride Plant Wharf in the Port of Geismar to ship calcium chloride by barge.

Shell Chemical owns and operates the Port of Geismar Plant Wharf to ship and receive petrochemicals.

Volks Constructors operates the Port of Geismar Landing to handle construction materials and moor company-owned equipment.

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