Puerto Nuevo
Review and History

Puerto Nuevo is located just over four kilometers south of the Port of San Juan across the Bahia de San Juan in north central Puerto Rico.

The Autoridad de los Puertos de Puerto Rico is the port authority for Puerto Nuevo. The Autoridad develops and manages the port facilities and regulates commercial activities within Puerto Nuevo. Since 1942, the responsibility for managing the ports of Puerto Rico have moved many times between specific port authorities and government offices. Today’s port authority was created by law in 1989 with a governing board of representatives from several different government departments (Economic Development and Commerce, Industrial Promotion, Tourism, and the public) with the Secretary of Transportation and Public Works presiding.

Over time, the Puerto Nuevo authority’s operations grew to acquiring and developing new harbor facilities. Today, the Autoridad de los Puertos de Puerto Rico (APPR) owns and operates the facilities at the Port of San Juan, Puerto Nuevo, and several other ports in Puerto Rico. The APPR regulates navigation of marine traffic and land use in the harbors. The APPR also regulates and manages airports in Puerto Rico, and almost all commercial movement in Puerto Rico is under APPR authority.

Puerto Nuevo contains 15 wharves and several warehouse facilities in addition to transit sheds, parking areas, and other harbor facilities. The Autoridad Publico de Transporte Maritimo (ATM) administers port services.

Wharf C at Puerto Nuevo is used for loading containers, and it is 183 meters long. Wharves E, F, G, H, and L are each 183 meters, and Wharf M is 274 meters long. These Puerto Nuevo wharves handle containers and roll-on/roll-off cargoes and have heavy-lift cranes on-site. Wharves N and O, which are 305 meters long, are used for containers and molasses. Also used for containers, the Army Terminal at Puerto Nuevo contains three berths, two that are 61 meters long and one that is 183 meters long.

Puerto Nuevo’s Wharves A and B are a combined 30 meters long and are used for handling grain. Handling bulk cargoes, Wharf D is also 183 meters long. Wharves J and K are each 183 meters long, and they are equipped with gangways for loading and unloading roll-on/roll-off cargo. Puerto Nuevo’s Catano Wharf is just west of terminal A and can accommodate vessels to almost 107 meters long.

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