Port of Foynes
Review and History

The Port of Foynes is located 39 kilometers inland on the southern banks of the Shannon Estuary and about 33 kilometers west of Limerick, Ireland. It is the second biggest port operation in Ireland. In 2006, just over 600 people lived in the Port of Foynes.

Port History

The Port of Foynes is famous for its role in the early development of aviation. It was the last port on the eastern Atlantic for flying boats. In 1933, Charles Lindbergh made surveying flights to locate flying boat operations, and the terminal was started in 1935.

The earliest transatlantic flights took place in 1937 when flights arrived from Botwood, Newfoundland, and Labrador and departed from the Port of Foynes’ terminal. Soon, the Foynes terminal was base for flights to Montreal, New York, Lisbon, Montreal, Poole, and Southampton. In 1942, the first non-stop flight to New York started operating.

Another Port of Foynes claim to fame is its position as the birthplace of the popular Irish coffee!

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