Port of La Guaira
Cruising and Travel

The Port of La Guaira was nominated to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999. The Port of La Guaira was Venezuela's main port from 1580 until modern times. Originally created as a trade harbor and to protect the capital, it is connected to the capital city of Caracas by a road known as "El Camino de los Espanoles" (The Road of the Spanish). The city's residential areas grew up around the Port of La Guaira. The port is the center of activity for the city.

The Port of La Guaira contains many important historical buildings and places of great historic value. These include the San Pedro Apostle Cathedral, El Carmen hermitage, the Guipuzcoana Company building, the Castle of San Carlos, the Fort of San Agustin, the Fort El Calto, the Castle of San Joaquim de la Cumbre, the Castle Blanco, Castle Negro, the Fort of La Cuchilla, and the Boulton home.

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