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The City of Milwaukee is proud to contain some of the United State's most recognizable corporations like Harley Davidson and Miller Brewing. At every fifth anniversary, Harley Davidson holds a huge celebration that attracts millions of riders to the city. At one time, the Port of Milwaukee was home to four world-class breweries and was the world's most productive beer-making city. Today, the Miller Brewing Company remains, providing employment to over two thousand city residents. There is much too much to see and do in the Port of Milwaukee to list in this article. For more information about the many attractions available to visitors, visit the Port of Milwaukee's tourism website.

The Port of Milwaukee boasts of being the "City of Festivals." Each year, Summerfest on the lakefront attracts about a million visitors to twelve stages in the "largest music festival in the world." Throughout the summer, smaller ethic festivals feature the many different cultural communities in the Port of Milwaukee. Visitors can enjoy the music and food of the city's German, Polish, Italian, Greek, Irish, Serbian, Croatian, Arabic, Asian, French, African-American, and Native American communities.

Located in the Great Lakes Region, the Port of Milwaukee has quickly-changing weather. Temperatures range from an average daytime high of 28 °C (82 °F) in July to an average daytime low of -3 °C (27 °F) in January. In the winter, nighttime lows can plunge to -11 °C (13 °F). The Port of Milwaukee has the second-coolest average annual temperature of any large city in the United States except Minneapolis.

The Domes in Mitchell Park is one of the Port of Milwaukee's most famous landmarks. These three glass domes contain the city's horticultural gardens and include a rainforest, a desert, floral gardens, and several themed exhibits. The Arid Dome contains a magnificent collection of arid-land plants that include succulents, shrubs, cacti, pampas grass, and desert palms. The Tropical Dome displays diverse plants from five continents' rainforests surrounding a wonderful waterfall and supporting many colorful tropical birds. The Floral Show Dome is vibrant with color and seasonal displays.

The Port of Milwaukee is renowned for its many sports teams. Hank Aaron hit most of his home runs here. The hometown Bucks are the youngest team to win an NBA title. In addition to many college teams, the Port of Milwaukee is the proud home of the famous Brewers' baseball team, the Bucks basketball champions, the Admirals AHL hockey franchise, and the Bonecrushers indoor football team. The Milwaukee Wave is North America's oldest operating professional soccer club, and the Milwaukee Mile is the world's oldest operating motor speedway.

While the Pabst Brewery on the northeast of downtown is no longer operating, the facility next door to the Milwaukee Country Courthouse is a much-loved icon of the city. Currently being renovated, the facility will soon hold restaurants, shops, offices, residences, and entertainment venues.

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