Port of Oswego
Cruising and Travel

Visitors to the Port of Oswego will find a variety of activities and attractions well worth the trip. Offering a picturesque setting on Lake Ontario, the Port of Oswego has much to see and do including the Oswego Speedway, the historic Richardson-Bates House Museum, and Fort Ontario State Historic Site. Outdoor lovers enjoy the beaches and vast boating space on Lake Ontario, and fishers will find a plentiful catch of salmon, bass, and walleye. Every July, some 300 thousand visitors come to the Port of Oswego to celebrate Harborfest.

The Port of Oswego has a humid continental climate with warm humid summers and occasionally severely cold winters. Temperatures in the Port of Oswego range from an average high of 27° C (80° F) in July to an average low of -8° C (17°F) in January. Precipitation is fairly evenly distributed throughout the year, rising from a low of 7.7 centimeters (3.0 inches) in July to a high of 9.6 centimeters (3.8 inches) in January. Humidity ranges from a low of about 75% in April and May to a high of about 88% in August and September. Snow falls on the Port of Oswego from October through early May with as much as 75 centimeters (30 inches) in December and January.

History buffs will want to visit Fort Ontario State Historic Site when they come to the Port of Oswego. The tour includes the parade grounds, the powder magazine, the enlisted men's barracks, and the officers' quarters. Fort Ontario is open from early May until mid-October on Tuesdays through Sundays and on Monday holidays from 10am until 4:30pm.

They will also want to check out the Port of Oswego's H. Lee White Marine Museum, a complex featuring indoor exhibits and galleries, outdoor exhibits, historic vessels, and the Treasure Chest Gift Shop. Open from Monday through Sunday from 1pm until 5pm, the museum is open from 10am until 5pm in July and August. The H. Lee White Marine Museum in the Port of Oswego boasts collections that cover 400 years and include Native American Artifacts, ship-building tools, boat models, maritime artwork, and pier-side historic vessels. From mid-May through the end of September, visitors can tour the New York State Derrick Boat 8 and the National Historic Landmark World War II tugboat LT-5 at the First Street Pier in the Port of Oswego.

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