Port of Camden
Cruising and Travel

The City of Camden has suffered much economic stress over the past decades, and it is not a well-known tourist destination. However, the Port of Camden Waterfront is located on the scenic Delaware River just over a kilometer from the historic district of one of America's great historic treasures, Philadelphia.

The Port of Camden Waterfront contains several wonderful attractions that visitors will not want to miss. The New Jersey State Academy for Aquatic Sciences and Adventure Aquarium gives visitors a hands-on experience with the sea's creatures. The Aquarium Adventures program offers opportunities to swim with sharks, train or feed seals, or play with the penguins. About eight thousand animals live in a variety of marine habitats in a facility that covers over 18 thousand square meters and has tanks holding more than two million gallons of water.

The Port of Camden is also home to the Walt Whitman House, a National Historic Landmark and New Jersey State Historic Site that was the only home the poet ever owned. In this 1848 home, Whitman penned the Leaves of Grass, welcomed visitors from countries across the world, and finished his last volume of poetry. The restored house recalls the memory of one of America's most beloved poets.

Visitors can also explore the famous USS Battleship New Jersey. They can sit in the same chair Admiral Halsey used as he commanded the fleet or learn how to load the 16" gun turrets.

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