Port of Pensacola
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The City of Pensacola is surrounded by water on three sides, and it is an area rich with history, shipwrecks, beautiful beaches, and wonderful scenery. The Port of Pensacola enjoys a subtropical climate with hot humid summers and mild winters. Temperatures range from a high of 33 °C (91 °F) in July to a low of 6 °C (43 °F) in January. Summer temperatures rarely exceed 38 °C (100 °F), and hot summer days are often relieved by afternoon thunderstorms. Located on the Florida Panhandle, the Port of Pensacola is vulnerable to hurricanes, and eight major hurricanes have made landfall at or near there since 1975.

The Port of Pensacola's beaches are its most popular attractions, even though none of them are within the city limits. They are nearby, however, and are located at quaint beachside communities. The popular Pensacola Beach has many restaurants, hotels, and other amenities.

Casino Beach is the most popular beach in the area, and it has the best facilities including restrooms, changing rooms, lifeguards, police, vendors, a fishing pier, and surfer-free areas. The Portofino Boardwalk at Casino Beach has shops and food, and there are more secluded areas at entry points down Ft. Pickens Road. Quietwater Beach is behind the Portofino Boardwalk on the sound side of the island. With no waves or rip currents, it is a great beach for children.

Divers will find many opportunities to explore sunken ships in the waters around the Port of Pensacola. They are not only historic treasures but newly growing ecosystems with a variety of marine life. Four dive shops in town can give you more information on the area's best dive spots.

The National Museum of Naval Aviation is one of the Port of Pensacola's most popular attractions. With 150 faithfully-restored aircraft, the museum offers a thorough review of the history of flight in the US Navy. The famous Blue Angels' jets are housed in the atrium, and everyone enjoys the flight simulator. There is also an IMAX theater where visitors enjoy the documentary "History of Flight."

The Pensacola Historic Village in downtown Port of Pensacola is a collection of historic buildings that includes several museums as well as the 1823 Old Christ Church. Walking tours of the historic homes in the area around Seville Square are available during the day.

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