Port of Norrkoping
Cruising and Travel

The City of Norrkoping is small, but it offers something for everyone who visits. A growing cultural and educational center in southern Sweden, the Port of Norrkoping has a range of activities that include shopping, entertainment, and relaxation.

You can catch a 10-kilogram trout or salmon in the middle of the Port of Norrkoping. Each year, the city council releases the fish into the Motala River, and fishing guides will show you where to make the best catches. Sport fishing season is from February to October. 

The Norrköpings Konstmuseum (art museum) houses one the most outstanding collections of Swedish modernism and prints you’ll find in Sweden. Prints include works from the 15th Century onward, and many of Sweden’s greatest 20th Century artists are represented in the museum.

The Arbetets Museum (Swedish) is in the heart of the Industrilandskapet/Strykjarnet area. The museum contains a science park, a concert hall, a church, an art school, a tourist center, and several other museums. Located near a beautiful waterfall, the museum has no admissions charge and is well worth the time.

The Brandkarsmuseet is Sweden’s biggest fire station museum. Visitors see the inner workings of fire stations over the last 150 years, with the carts, pumps, wagons, and fire-fighting equipment that were used.

During the summer, public transportation is offered to the many islands of the Ostergotland archipelago. Visitors can island-hop or stay overnight. Three liners leave every day, or visitors can catch a ride on the local mail boat and see what life is like in rural coastal Sweden.

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