Port of Skikda
Cruising and Travel

The City of Skikda (French), known as Philippeville until 1962, is a wonderful coastal city with beautiful beaches and lots of sun. It is a popular vacation spot for Algerians, and the city is developing its tourism industry.

One popular tourist area is Collo in western Skikda. It offers long clean sand beaches and beautiful views of the sea. The Bay of Collo is one of Algeria’s most beautiful bays, and it’s near a forested area for hiking, hunting, and adventures. The area is also blessed with many historic and cultural sites.

Stora, the Port of Skikda’s second port, holds the fishing and pleasure-craft port. It also holds many reminders of its Phoenician and Roman history. With three kilometers of unspoiled beaches, Stora is the doorway to the island of Serigina.

Just 65 kilometers east of the Port of Skikda is the seaside resort of Marsa. With beautiful beaches, Marsa borders a huge wetland of rivers and lakes perfect for ecotourism, fishing, and hunting.

The U.S. Department of State has issued a warning to US citizens, recommending they avoid travel in Algeria. When they must travel to the country, the State Department recommends staying in hotels with strong security and maintaining a low profile to avoid becoming the target of violence. Americans who chose to travel to Algeria are advised to register with the embassy in Algiers and to regularly check the State Department’s travel advisory website.

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