Port of Annaba
Cruising and Travel

While the City of Annaba is not an extremely popular tourist destination, it contains many sights well worth the visit. First on the list is the Church of Saint-Augustine of Hippo, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in November 2008. It is a beautiful cathedral not far from downtown. Its breathtaking architecture is complemented by the Roman ruins behind the church and the fact that the church holds a holy relic, Saint Augustine’s hand.

The Port of Annaba’s downtown holds “Le Cours,” the central downtown square, bordered by local cafes that sell delicious ice cream. Downtown contains many examples of French colonial architecture that stand in contrast to the new modern buildings of steel and glass.

The oldest section in the Port of Annaba, called the Kasbah, boasts magnificent 12th Century Ottoman architecture, narrow alleys, and well-worn walkways where people still inhabit ancient structures.

The Port of Annaba is blessed with a beautiful Mediterranean coastline and glorious beaches. The “La Corniche” area on Chappui beach is a nightlife treasure, with great clubs and restaurants.

Les Allemends neighborhood hides a family-oriented amusement park where both children and parents will have a great time.

Located where the mountains meet the sea, the Port of Annaba offers a fantastic landscape where nature-lovers can hike many different terrains, and bird-watchers will find a variety of native species.

With over five million visitors a year, the Port of Annaba has many lodgings ranging from the most expensive 5-star luxuries to budget-friendly hotels. Likewise, the city offers restaurants for every taste and budget. During the summer, visitors will enjoy a variety of stage performances and night sports events.

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