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The City of Yantian (Chinese) is called "Shenzhen's playground." With beautiful beaches and mountains, the town of Yantian is hidden in the central Yantian District. Yantian East is a popular recreation area offering mountain hiking and the beautiful Meisha beaches.

Because it was created in 1979 as an economic venture, the Port of Yantian does not contain the rich history and historical sites common to other Chinese ports and cities. But the City of Shenzhen has worked hard to attract tourism. It contains several theme parks, shopping arcades, and amusements. Visitors to Shenzhen will enjoy going to horse races, resort spas, and hot springs resorts, and the many playground theme parks. Being so near Hong Kong, the Port of Yantian is a gateway to one of the world's most popular tourist destinations.

The city of Shenzhen has a subtropical ocean climate with average temperatures of 22.4 ºC (72 ºF). The city contains several theme parks and almost limitless opportunities for entertainment and recreation, including seven international-class golf courses. In 2000, the city of Shenzhen was awarded the "International Garden City" prize.

Visitors to Shenzhen and the Port of Yantian will want to check out Minsk World (Chinese), a military theme park built around the USSR's aircraft carrier, the Minsk, some portions of which are open for tours.

The Port of Yantian's Chung Ying Street lies between Hong Kong and mainland China, with one side of the street belonging to Hong Kong and the other side part of Shenzhen. In 1899, the street was a shallow river, and it dried up before the beginning of World War II. Residents built their shops on the dried riverbed. When the British closed Hong Kong, the street fell into the closed area. Chung Ying Street is an historic area rare in the new city of Shenzhen. It has a museum that tells the street's story.

The real treasures of the Port of Yantian are its beaches. Dameisha Beach includes the 168-hectare Dameisha Seashore Park, and the beach covers an area of 18 hectares and stretches 432 meters along the sea. The beach has all the amenities including accommodations, cafes, teahouses, and a shopping center. Near the mountains, outdoor lovers enjoy climbing, hiking, and camping while visiting the Port of Yantian's Dameisha Beach.

Nearby is Xiaomeisha Beach, called the "Hawaiian Beach of the East," one of the Port of Yantian's most popular tourist attractions. This private beach has several resorts and fine seafood restaurants. Xiaomeisha Beach is popular with surfers, and surfing competitions attract people from around the world who also enjoy other water sports like parasailing, kayaking, boating, and swimming.

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