Port of La Guaira
Port Commerce

The Puertos del Litoral Central, SA, is the port authority for the Port of La Guaira. The goal of the Port of La Guaira is to be a center for efficient modern port operations and a contributor to Venezuela's development and consolidation. The Puertos del Litoral Central SA manages and maintains the Port of La Guaira and the Puerto de la Ceiba, sustaining high levels of excellence, ensuring effective port operations, and ensuring the sovereignty and security of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

The responsibilities of the Puertos del Litoral Central SA include managing Port of La Guaira infrastructure and facilities, giving customers greater accessibility to the port; coordinating port authorities that conform to international conventions and government goals; recruiting, supervising, and managing the Port of La Guaira's operating companies; organizing roads, parking and pedestrian traffic; allocating the use of piers for vessels and collecting charges and fees; providing other related services as required.

The Port of La Guaira covers about 850 thousand square meters and has a basin that is 4339 meters long. The Port of La Guaira contains 26 berths with a total length of 4217 meters that can accommodate vessels with drafts up to 12.5 meters. The port operates 24 hours a day through the year. It contains 136.7 thousand square meters of covered storage, 12 vertical silos with capacity for 13.1 thousand tons of grains. The Port of La Guaira also contains 178.8 thousand square meters of patios and pathways.

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