Port of Olympia
Port Commerce

The Port of Olympia Commission is the port authority responsible for managing the port assets to benefit the residents of Thurston County by building infrastructure, facilities, and relationships that help the local economy grow while also serving the port's customers with the highest level standards. The Commission also plays a role in improving Thurston County's environment and recreational opportunities.

In 2005, the Port of Olympia handled a total of 44.9 million metric tons of breakbulk cargoes, including 14.2 million tons of exports and 30.7 million tons of imports. Breakbulk imports included 8.9 million tons of wood and wood products, 6.1 million tons of vehicles and parts, 4.3 million tons of iron and steel products, 3.6 million tons of fruit and nuts, 2.3 million tons of paper and paperboard, 1.8 million tons of industrial machinery, 1.8 million tons of aluminum and aluminum products, 1.6 million tons of pulp, and 450 thousand tons of electrical machinery and equipment.

Breakbulk exports included iron and steel (8.0 million tons), vehicles and parts (1.7 million tons), industrial machinery (1.2 million tons), meat (1.2 million tons), plastics and plastic products (860 thousand tons), iron and steel products (480 thousand tons), edible vegetables (310 thousand tons), fruits and nuts (280 thousand tons), and stone, plaster, and cement (190 thousand tons).

The Port of Olympia's 24.3-hectare Marine Terminal contains three deep-water berths served by on-dock rail. It also contains a US Customs warehouse and a modern container yard.

The Port of Olympia is experienced with handling forest products, breakbulk and roll-on/roll-off cargoes, and containers. Located strategically between the Ports of Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, British Columbia, the Port of Olympia is an efficient and competitive alternative for shippers in the Northwest United States. The Olympia Regional Airport serves commuter planes and corporate jets as well as commercial air traffic.

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