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The Port of Oswego Authority is a public benefit agency tasked with stimulating economic growth in the Central New York Development Council District Region. The Port of Oswego Authority provides diverse efficient transportation services that promote regional growth in an environmentally-responsible manner.

Boasting a deep-draft terminal and access to the New York State Barge Canal, the Port of Oswego links the Great Lakes' marine highway with rail and highway networks. Customers of the Port of Oswego are accustomed to effective handling of bulk, breakbulk, and project cargoes. The Port of Oswego is the first United States port of call on the Great Lakes and is accessible from any of the world's international ports. Strategically located at the crossroads of the northeastern United States' shipping market, the Port of Oswego's area of influence reaches 60 million consumers in the United States and Canada.

The Port of Oswego is open all day every day to serve vessels from all over the world. The entrance to the Port of Oswego is 228.6 meters (750 feet) wide and 8.2 meters (27 feet) deep, and its turning basin covers 115 acres. A US Customs office facilitates the intermodal movement of international cargo to and from the Port of Oswego. The Port of Oswego has been awarded the Seaway Pacesetter Award seven times. Handling over one million tons of cargo each year, the Port of Oswego offers dockside rail service that connects the port to CSX Rail Transport and immediate access to Route 481 that connects to Interstate Highways 81 and 90.

The Port of Oswego's East Terminal offers 579.1 meters (1900 feet) of berthing space with alongside depth of 8.1 meters (26.5 feet). Dockside rail tracks link the terminal with CSX. The East Terminal at the Port of Oswego has 2.5 acres of warehouse space and covered storage for 50 thousand tons of bulk cargo. This Port of Oswego terminal also has 37 thousand square meters (400 thousand square feet) of open storage adjacent to a dock, and an additional 15 acres are available for storage.

The East Terminal at the Port of Oswego handles bulk cargoes of corn, salt, soybeans, potash, and recycled aluminum. It also handles breakbulk cargoes of steel rebar and billets and aluminum ingots. Project and heavy-lift cargoes handled at the Port of Oswego's East Terminal include windmill components and power generation equipment. The East Terminal is equipped with a fleet of forklifts with on-site capacity for up to four tons, and equipment is available for larger loads. An outside contractor supplies cranes with capacity from 25 to 600 tons. The terminal is equipped with mobile conveyors that can handle over 30 thousand bushels per hour. The Port of Oswego's East Terminal has truck and rail scales.

The West Terminal in the Port of Oswego has two berths. One has berthing distance of 335.3 meters (1100 feet) with alongside depth of 7.0 meters (23 feet), and the second has berthing distance of 426.7 meters (1400 feet) with alongside depth of 4.3 meters (14 feet). The Port of Oswego's West Terminal has a 1.3 acre asphalt pad for storage of bulk and project cargoes and a silo for cement. It also has storage for liquid cargoes up to 42 thousand tons. Bulk cargoes handled at the West Terminal in the Port of Oswego include cement, salt, heating fuel, liquid calcium, and liquid asphalt.

The Port of Oswego's full-service marina supports both charter and recreational boats. The Marina has over 65 slips and commercial dock space, and it can handle any size commercial fishing or recreational vessel. Electric hook-ups provide 30- and 50-amp service, and Velvet marine-grade fuel available at the marina includes gas and diesel. The marina offers haul-out services up to 20 tons and hoist for as much as 10 tons. Marina amenities include a fish-cleaning station, showers and bathrooms, laundry facilities, and an on-site ATM. The Port of Oswego marina offers indoor and outdoor storage. St. Peter's Outfitters has a tackle shop and full-service engine repair service, and there is a US Customs entry location at the marina. The Port of Oswego marina is also located next to the Pats on the River restaurant.

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