Port of Pascagoula
Port Commerce

The Jackson County Port Authority Board of Commissioners is the port authority for the Port of Pascagoula. Centrally located on the United States' Gulf of Mexico shores, the Port of Pascagoula is a convenient and efficient gateway to the southern regions of the country.

The Port of Pascagoula's West Harbor Terminals offer over 40 thousand square meters of covered storage and ample open storage next to the wharves. The Bayou Casotte docks are accompanied by two 16.3 thousand square meter transit sheds, and the Bayou Casotte facilities include 4.6 thousand square meters of paved and more than four hectares of unpaved open storage.

Primary exports moving through the Port of Pascagoula include forest and paper products, general cargo, frozen foods, project cargo, grains, vehicles, machinery, fertilizers, petrochemicals, coke, and petroleum products. Imports include general cargo, forest products, chemicals, bulk fish, crude oil, construction aggregate, and phosphate rock.

The Port of Pascagoula has ample repair facilities for both large and small vessels. The Ingalls Shipbuilding Corporation maintains a floating dry dock with a depth of 12.5 meters and lifting capacity for 38 thousand tons and capacity to handle vessels up to 250 meters long and 51.8 meters wide. Its graving dock is 147.8 meters long and 25.9 meters wide with a depth of 10.9 meters.

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