Bangor Harbor
Port Commerce

The City of Bangor is the port authority for Bangor Harbor. Once a busy harbor shipping forest products all over the world, Bangor Harbor is home to coastal cruise vessels and pleasure craft today. Bangor Harbor is open through the fresh water boating season from mid-May until mid-October.

Located on the historic waterfront near downtown, Bangor Harbor Landing has two public docks and in-river moorings. Water, power, and pump-out services are available there. The docks can accommodate almost any size vessel, but larger vessels should contact the harbormaster before arriving. Bangor Harbor Landing is a short walk from the re-vitalized downtown, and it is just ten minutes from Bangor International Airport.

The Bangor Harbor Advisory Committee is a five-member body appointed by the City Council for three-year terms. One member represents the City Council, and four members are selected from the public at large based on their knowledge of recreational boating. One member has direct connections with the downtown business community. The City Manager's office and the Harbormaster are ex officio members of the council. The Committee meets at least quarterly and submits an annual report to the City Council.

The duties of the Bangor Harbor Advisory Committee are to review operation and maintenance of the waterfront, review and recommend fees for guest and private moorings and for use of floats, plan for developing and improving Bangor Harbor activities, and plan and review boating within the Bangor Harbor jurisdiction. The committee is advisory in nature.

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