Port of Pensacola
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The Port of Pensacola is a department of the City of Pensacola that regulates and manages the port as a landlord port authority under the direction of the Pensacola City Council. The Port of Pensacola has eight deep-draft berths and over 37 thousand square meters of covered storage. The 20-hectare Port of Pensacola contains a Foreign Trade Zone, an Enterprise Zone, and a suite of stevedoring and marine terminal services for bulk, breakbulk, and unitized cargoes.

The Port of Pensacola's major cargoes include bagged agricultural products, paper, cement, aggregate, equipment for power generation and power plants, animal feed, construction materials and supplies, and frozen goods. The Port of Pensacola is known for its expertise in handling heavy-lift and project cargoes.

The Port of Pensacola contains two hectares of berth aprons for cargo-handling, 1.6 hectares of open cargo storage areas, 3.4 hectares of warehouses, 7.5 hectares of tenant-occupied property for cargo and marine activities, 4.0 hectares for permanent dredged materials disposal, and about 3.6 hectares for future development.

The Port of Pensacola contains seven warehouses with a total of 24.6 thousand square meters of indoor storage and over 16 thousand square meters of open outside storage.

The Port of Pensacola has eight berths that include 719 meters of primary deep-water berths, 305 meters of secondary shallow-draft berths, and 305 meters of shallow-draft mooring. Deep-water berths are supported with 366 meters of rail tracks and covered railcar loading/unloading, and on-dock rail services are provided by CSX Transportation, Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad, and Rail America.

Excluding Berth 7, all berths in the Port of Pensacola have alongside depths of 10 meters. The Port of Pensacola's Berth 1 is 164.5 meters long and is an all-purpose berth served by Warehouse 1 (6.7 thousand square meters) and Warehouse 4 (4.2 thousand square meters). All-purpose Berth 2 is 121.9 meters long and is served by Warehouse 1 and Warehouse 5 (6.7 thousand square meters).

The Port of Pensacola's Berths 3, 5, and 6 are each 145.1 meters long. All-purpose Berth 3 is served by Warehouses 1 and 5. Berths 5 and 6 handle general cargo and are served by Warehouses 5, 6 (8.4 thousand square meters), and 8 (7.7 thousand square meters). Berth 7, handling liquid cargoes, is 152.4 meters long with alongside depth of 4.9 meters.

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