Port Everglades
Port Commerce

By early 2006, over 2200 vessels were moving almost 25 million tons of cargo through Port Everglades, carrying containers, breakbulk, dry bulk, and petroleum products. That year, Port Everglades was the 12th busiest container port in the United States. Cargo facilities include 324 acres of open yard storage, 1.6 million cubic feet of refrigerated storage, 300 thousand square feet of warehouse space, 200 petroleum storage tanks, and 400 reefer outlets. Port Everglades also offers cement silos, dockside transit for cargo, and nine gantry cranes for container loading/unloading.

Open yard area includes 324 acres of storage for containers, with plans for an additional 271 acres for containers, warehousing, and intermodal container transfer. Six transit warehouse facilities offer a combined total of almost 300 thousand square feet. Eight roll-on/roll-off ramp facilities range from 70 to 120 feet wide with from 31 to 44 feet draft. A privately owned-and–operated cold storage facility offers over 68 thousand square feet of variable-temperature storage.

In fiscal year 2006, more than two thousand container ships called at Port Everglades. Almost 300 cargo ships and over 700 petroleum tankers also berthed. The same year, over 1700 cruise ships called at port. Cruise revenues in 2006 exceeded $26 million, and a single day saw almost 780 thousand passengers traveling through Port Everglades.

Almost 900 thousand TEUs of containerized cargo were handled in 2006, as were over 120 million barrels of petroleum. Bulk cargo was dominated by almost 2.5 million tons of cement/clinkers, and over 256 thousand tons of cement, coils, and rebar dominated breakbulk cargo. Gasoline, aviation fuel, cement, petroleum, and crude oil are the major imports. Grocery products, fabrics, building materials, paper, and poultry dominate the exported goods.

Port Everglades welcomed its first cruise ship in 1931. Since then, it’s grown to handling almost four million passengers a year. Eleven modern cruise terminals offer over 300 thousand square feet for passenger comfort and security. Port Everglades serves 19 cruise lines, providing a combined total of over 157 thousand square feet of terminal area and 244 thousand square feet of baggage handling area.

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