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The modern Port of Gemlik (Turkish), or Gemport, was established in 1987. The Gemlik Port and Warehousing Administration Co. Inc. is the port authority for the Port of Gemlik (also known as Gemport).

In 2007, the Port of Gemlik handled over 341 thousand TEUs of containerized cargo, more than 52 thousand tons of general cargo, and almost 162 thousand vehicles.

The Port of Gemlik serves the northwestern Anatolia region, particularly South Marmara, as the industrial sector grows and develops. Gemlik Port and Warehousing Administration's vision for the Port of Gemlik is that it will become a totally customer-focused facility offering high-quality services to customers and meeting all international standards. For port management, the company's most important priorities are high performance, customer focus, and continuous development.

Pilotage is required for vessels entering and leaving the Port of Gemlik, and the Port of Gemlik provides the service. The Port of Gemlik is Turkey's major container port in the Gulf of Gemlik. The container terminal covers 450 thousand square meters and has capacity to handle 200 thousand TEUs. The terminal contains a container stacking area of 150 thousand square meters and capacity to stack up to 75 thousand TEUs.

The Port of Gemlik facilities also contain 64 reefer plugs for refrigerated containers, and this can be extended to 256. The terminal includes 2.5 thousand square meters of transit shed and 98 thousand square meters of open storage area. The Port of Gemlik has eight berths with a total length of 839 meters and alongside depths from 7 to 12 meters. All eight of the berths handle general cargo, containers, and roll-on/roll-off cargoes.

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