Port of Norrkoping
Port Commerce

The Norrkopings Hamn Och Stuveri AB (Norrköping Port and Stevedoring Company) is the port authority for the Port of Norrkoping. Owned 100% by the City of Norrkoping, the Port of Norrkoping is a full-service port and logistics center that can handle any type of cargo.

Common goods moving through the port include containers and trailers, pulp and paper, timber, grain, steel and petroleum products, and special goods like transformers.

In 2007, 1095 vessels called at the Port of Norrkoping carrying 4.1 million tons of cargo and 71.1 thousand TEUs of containerized cargo.

Centrally located in southern Sweden with air, road, and rail connections, the Port of Norrkoping serves as a distribution center for the region for both incoming and outgoing cargoes. Cargo is handled in two major areas: the Inner Harbor and the Pampus Terminal. Both areas have direct access to road and rail.

The Inner Harbor can handle vessels to 35 thousand DWT with access to the harbor by the Lindo Canal. The Inner Harbor has ample facilities for handling and storing breakbulk, dry bulk, liquid bulk, and general cargoes. The Inner Harbor boasts a 320-ton capacity heavy-lift crane, Sweden’s largest.

The Ohman Terminal in the Inner Harbor handles containers and other unitized cargo. The terminal has two fairways with a depth of 8.4 meters and with lengths of 190 and 180 meters. The quay, at 600 meters long with alongside depth of 8.9 meters, has a roll-on/roll-off berth at its end. The Ohman Terminal is a fully-integrated combi-terminal with capacity for simultaneous storage of from two- to three-thousand TEUs of containerized cargo and an overall capacity for 100 thousand TEUs. The terminal has three separate rail sidings.

The Pampus Terminal, located on the seaward side of the Port of Norrkoping, is a deep-

water terminal that handles large volumes of forest products, containers, and rolling cargo. Located nearby is a deep-water terminal for tankers. The fairway at the Pampus Terminal is 260 meters long, 33 meters wide, and has a draught of 11.8 meters. The quay is 610 meters long with alongside depths from 10.4 to 12.4 meters and two roll-on/roll-off berths. The Pampus Terminal contains 150 thousand square meters of open storage and 33.2 thousand square meters of covered storage, including 500 square meters of heatable area.

Nearer the Baltic in the Braviken Bay is a world-class facility, the Djuron Grain Terminal, used by the local farmers’ cooperative for exporting their products. The port authority also operates the port at the Holmen Paper mill at Braviken Bay.

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