Port of Trieste
Port Commerce

The Harbor Authority of Trieste (Italian) is responsible for planning, coordinating, controlling, and promoting harbor operations and overseeing the commercial and industrial activities in the port. It maintains the common areas in the harbor area and operates logistics and promotes the port’s intermodal functions.

In 2008, the Port of Trieste handled a total of 48.3 million tons of cargo on 3700 vessels, including 37.3 million tons of liquid bulk, 1.8 million tons of solid bulk, 5.5 million tons of roll-on/roll-off and ferry cargoes, 3.1 million tons of containerized cargo in 335.9 thousand TEUs, and one million tons of conventional cargoes.

Liquid bulk was dominated by 35.9 million tons of crude oil. Solid bulk cargoes were more evenly divided between minerals (653.5 thousand tons), carbon (781.5 thousand tons), other solid bulks (275.8 thousand tons), and cereals (94.7 thousand tons). The Port of Trieste welcomed 153.2 thousand passengers, of which 61.5 thousand were on cruise ships.

Dividing the cargo traffic between port areas shows a different perspective on traffic in the Port of Trieste. The Commercial Port handled 9.2 million tons of cargo. The Iron and Steel Terminal handled 1.7 million tons, and the Mineral Oil Terminal handled 665.7 thousand tons of cargo. The Industrial Port saw 682.6 million tons. By far the largest share of cargo (35.1 million tons) was handled through the Timber Terminal.

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