Port of Georgetown
Port Commerce

The Port of Georgetown is managed by the Guyana National Shipping Corporation Limited (GNSC), which was acquired by the government of Guyana in 1976. The company provides maritime transportation services to all of Guyana’s major economic sectors.

The Port of Georgetown offers public and private tidal berthing facilities and warehouses. Alongside depths range from 5 to 6.1 meters at low tide. All wharves are served by roads.

The Port of Georgetown’s modern La Penitence Terminal wharf has berthing space of 292 meters. The Wharf Apron quay is 274 meters long. The Pathway Quay specializes in handling container traffic and heavy-lift cargoes. The Marshalling Yard is an open surfaced area for storing structural steel, heavy machinery, and other commodities that do not need to be sheltered.

The Transit Shed at the Port of Georgetown provides space for operating mechanical equipment and storing goods. Its interior includes security cages for high-risk and expensive cargoes. The Transit Shed is protected by a strong security patrol that monitors both the shed and the terminal perimeter. The Transit Shed can also store five reefer containers simultaneously.

The Port of Georgetown’s GNSC specializes in coastal and regional shipping, but they also offer ship management, maintenance, and repair services for many organizations in Guyana.

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