Port of Annaba
Port Commerce

The Port of Annaba is one of ten main Algerian ports. The Entreprise Portuaire de Annaba, a state-owned company, manages the port and facilities. The port features a sheltered harbor located at the intersection of both highway and rail networks. It is also 11 kilometers away from the International Airport of Annaba (Rabah BITAT).

Quay No. 1 at the Port of Annaba contains six berths with a total length of 1800 meters. The quay handles general cargoes, cereals, and liquid bulk cargoes like oil. Quay No. 2 contains two berths of 700 meters and handles containers, roll-on/roll-off cargoes, and ferries. Quay No. 3 handles containers at its two berths totaling 1880 meters. Quay No. 4, with 1150 meters of berths, handles phosphates, oil and oil products, bitumen, phosphoric acid, and a variety of goods. Quay No. 5, with nine berths totaling 3240 meters, handles coal, coke, iron ore, iron and steel products, phosphates, ammonia, fuels, tar, general cargoes, and tugboats.

The General-Purpose Terminal handles roll-on/roll-off cargoes and containers. The terminal covers 10 hectares and 480 meters of quays with alongside depth of 8.5 meters (planned to reach 10 meters after dredging). It is equipped to handle refrigerated containers and offers ample storage.

The Iron and Steel Terminal is used for the import of coal and iron ore for the El Hadjar steelworks. The terminal can accommodate ships to 55 thousand DWT and has alongside depth of 12.5 meters. The terminal can handle over one million tons of coal per year. Two stations with 630 meters of quay and alongside depth of 9.75 meters are devoted to the import and export of iron and steel and metallurgical products.

The phosphate terminal is managed by FERPHOS and is dedicated to the export of phosphates and iron ore. Three stations are reserved for general cargoes. With a total of 850 meters of wharves and alongside depth of from 6.2 to 9.8 meters, direct rail connections allow efficient movement of cargo.

The Port of Annaba’s grain silo is dedicated to the movement of cereals. The quay of 155 meters, with alongside depth of 11 meters, can accommodate vessels to 30 thousand DWT. The grain silo has capacity for 16 thousand tons of cereals.

Other stations in the Port of Annaba specialize in the refueling of vessels, export of asphalt and ammonia, import of sulfur and potash, and the transshipment of brown sugar and plant oils.

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