Local Views

A port is an integral part of the city where it is located and can be the starting point for exploring local sites and attractions. Local Views provides an index to close-up satellite images of features in and around the ports of the world.

For world travelers, disembarking at a cruise ship or ferry terminal is often the first impression of a new and exciting locale. Once your feet are on terra firma, World Port Source offers a birds-eye view of tourist & site seeing attractions in and around the port.

While historic ships certainly qualify as tourist attractions, their fundamental link to world ports and harbors gives them their own Local Views index.

If not for the shipyards that continually build the new vessels that transport us and our goods, ports would become empty waterfronts.

World Port Source includes many other close-up satellite images that are not indexed in Local Views, but are included on the port information and satellite view pages. The satellite image below is a random sample of the thousands of local views found on our site.

Port of Santander
Santander , Spain