Advertise on World Port Source

World Port Source has a unique audience of visitors from around the world. Our readers are typically interested in ports for commerce or vacation. Adverting on World Port Source provides a cost effective opportunity for businesses in the shipping, logistics, cruise ship and vacation travel industries to reach new customers and clients.

We are happy to offer banner advertising, sponsorship programs and highly effective location based targeting where advertisers can pinpoint visitors looking at ports in a specific region, such as the Caribbean.

Location based targeting can pinpoint visitors from Europe looking at ports in Asia, the perfect audience when promoting a new shipping route. Likewise, a river cruise operator on the Danube River may want to target Americans who are looking at ports in Europe.

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World Port Source uses DoubleClick for Publishers to manage and display banner advertisements. We give each client access to a private and secure online dashboard, where you can verify your advertising delivery and click through statistics directly on the DoubleClick website.

By using an independent third party to certify that your ads are being delivered as promised, World Port Source provides world class transparency.

Advertising Programs

World Port Source offers two categories of online advertising – Banner Ads and Sponsorship Ads.

Banner ads are displayed throughout the website, in multiple locations. Your ad will rotate along with those from other advertisers. Standard "Run of Site" banner ads are displayed to visitors from any region of the world, independent of what port they are viewing. Single Location Targeting and Dual Location Targeting, described in detail below, provide a laser focused marketing approach.

Sponsorship ads provide advertisers a permanent presence on World Port Source, at a fixed location on our pages. These ads are designed for companies who want to increase their branding awareness.

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All advertising sales are subject to inventory availability. World Port Source reserves the right to reject any advertisement that does not meet our quality and publishing standards.

Banner Ads

Banner ads are sold on a cost per impression basis, generally referred to as CPI or CPM. Ads from all advertisers are displayed randomly throughout World Port Source's pages.

To ensure every advertiser receives maximum value for their advertising dollar, you have the option of setting hourly or daily frequency limits so your ad is not shown repeatedly to the same visitor.

Advertisers have three options when displaying banner ads on World Port Source - Run of Site, Single Location Targeting and Dual Location Targeting.

Run of Site – Ads are randomly displayed to all visitors, from any page on the website.

Single Location Targeting – The advertiser can select a target location for the ports being viewed – ports in Asia for example. As an alternative, you can select the visitor's location, such as readers living in South America.

Dual Location Targeting – Dual location targeting allows the advertiser to specify both where the visitor is located and where the ports begin viewed are located.

Run of site advertising on World Port Source starts at just $150 USD. Contact us today to learn more and find out how you can reach new customers by advertising on this website.

The examples below illustrate how single or dual location targeting can be used to reach a targeted group of readers that could be your new customers.

Single Location Targeting by Port: A cruise ship provider would like to target readers who are thinking of a Caribbean vacation. These visitors use World Port Source to research ports prior to their cuise. Therefore, targeting "all ports in the Caribbean" will reach just the right readers.

Single Location Targeting by Visitor Location: A logistics company based in Singapore would like to target customers who live in Asia.

Dual Location Targeting: A shipping company is adding a new route between Europe and South America. They can use dual location targeting to reach readers who live in Europe, and are looking at ports in their new shipping destination of South America.

Sponsorship Ads

For those advertisers looking for a long term presence on World Port Source, we offer a limited number of sponsorship positions. Each ad location is offered to a single advertiser and will only display that sponsor's advertisement. These ads are sold based on availability and the advertiser has the option of a monthly or annual subscription.

Sponsorship postitions L1 and L2 are on the left sidebar and will appear on every page. Slots R1 and R2 are on the right sidebar and will appear on those World Port Source pages without a map. The upper slot advertisements (L1 and R1) will appear as the top banner ad in the sidebar. The lower ad slots (L2 and R2), will appear just below the L1 or L2 position.

Subscription fees for sponsorship ads vary by the ad's location. Please contact us for details.

Creative Requirements

Accepted ad sizes for banner ads are 728x90, 160x600 and 336x280 pixels. Sponsorship ads must be 160x200 pixels.

Image files must be under 75kb in size and can be JPG, PNG or GIF. Animated images can loop no more than 3 times in 15 seconds and must stop after that.

Advertisers may have up to 5 different creative images active for each ad size at any time. Each creative can have its own click through destination URL.